REPS: Next Generation Performance Improvement

Publication Request for Leaders

Inside You'll Learn:

How to BALANCE [otherwise] conflicting priorities to make those above you happy while SUSTAINABLY improving morale, customer satisfaction, and the myriad of metrics important to the Regulator (as well as the 'bottom line')

The #1 best method for improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while dissolving the perception of conflicting priorities, (e.g., Production vs Prevention), growing a sense of worker ownership, and internalizing accountability for making things better 

A self-diagnostic for identifying your current Performance Culture and Priority Bias, allowing you to see a graphic representation of WHY things are the way they are, and the DIRECTION they're headed if you do nothing different

HOW to effectively integrate reporting thresholds with the need to "learn" in a manner that places people ahead of numbers (hint: it's NOT by suppressing information OR through a "blame free" culture)

YES!  I want to learn about REPS!

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