Next-Generation LEADERSHIP!

How to ACHIEVE and SUSTAIN Next-Level Performance in ANY Organization

Available Dates: Raleigh, NC - Oct 23-24, 2017 Dallas, Feb 7-8, 2018 Raleigh, April 22-24, 2018

Chicago, June 20-21, 2018  

Boston, MA - Aug 22-23, 2018  

Raleigh, NC - Oct 21-23, 2018  

​Los Angeles, CA Dec 5-6, 2018


  • Setting the Stage: Understanding WHERE you are, WHAT you want to achieve, and WHY a Next-Generation approach is vitally important to the success of your organization.
  • Your FOUNDATION: Four simple precepts for rapidly transforming work culture.
  • The CORE: Are you are seeking substantial and sustainable improvement? You MUST understand and leverage the CORE of ALL performance- Human Performance. 
  • INFLUENCE: Of the 3 ways to impact team member choices, actions, and behaviors, two will doom your Performance Improvement efforts from the start. (Unfortunately...these are still the most commonly used.)
  • A Players, B Players, and C Players: Understanding actively engaged, disengaged, and disgruntled team members (and HOW to effectlvely LEAD each one). 
  • Four Generations at Work: Traditionalists, Boomers, X-ers, and Millennials- WHY they're different, and HOW to leverage those differences to EVERYONE's benefit.
  • Proactive Accountability®: Society is suffering from an epidemic of victimization. Recognize the symptoms within yourself and your organization, and be given a 3-step cure.
  • The Psychology of Human Error: Most of the time errors occur on the job, those involved have been "set up" to make mistakes. Understanding these setups (aka 'traps' and 'landmines') tremendously improves Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety (REPS), and ultimately...profitability. 
  • One Team - One Goal - One Conversation: Achieving focus, synergy, and spontaneous assistance and cooperation.
  • The Learning "Dilemma": The accumulation of data (of itself) will NOT improve performance. Avoid the traps of "Shiny-Box Syndrome" and "Analoculitis", and achieve BALANCE between acquiring, learning, and doing.
  • Your Linchpin: Know the most important person in ANY effort to improve, including HOW to leverage them to achieve rapid behavior and culture transformation.
  • Going "Viral": Understand the existing viral networks within your organization, including HOW to use them to build your expressway to sustainable Performance Improvement.  

If you recognize any of these challenges or opportunities in your organization, Next-Generation LEADERSHIP! is for you. Save your seat.


  • Your Systematic Approach: HOW to simplify and synergize the 4 key elements of Performance Improvement- Proactive Accountability®, Tools, Engagement, and Learning.  
  • The Individual Performance Model: When you utilize this simple model, you will have the power and ability to positively influence ANYONE (including actively disengaged and disgruntled team members).
  • Error Elimination Tools: Simple behavioral tools, which when properly used, virtually eliminate the potential for human error while doing work.
  • The Code of Honor: This is a put-teeth-to-it implementation piece of the Practicing Perfection approach. You will learn WHY this process works so well to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM WORK CULTURE.
  • Vital Behaviors: There are only a handful of behaviors that are VITAL to achieving and sustaining Next-Level performance. FOCUS on these when observing work and providing feedback, and you will see RAPID Improvement in Performance.
  • Principle-Based Mentoring: The seminal ongoing piece for aligning your organization (One Team-One Goal-One Conversation), while promoting constant and never-ending improvement (CANI). You will be given a simple 4-step approach for mentoring and providing feedback that directly promotes Proactive Accountability while growing relationships.
  • Your HU Blueprint: Your step-by-step roadmap for achieving and sustaining Next-Level Performance.
  • Achieving Viral Accountability®: This is your ultimate goal. Once achieved, any desired metric/KPI (outcome) becomes achievable and sustainable. You will be armed with insights and tools to make it happen within your organization.

If you can see how this knowledge, combined with these skills and tools, will benefit your team, take action. This is YOUR time. Grab your seat NOW.

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