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THINK Different:

Irrespective of generation, at the core, we WANT the SAME things. Open your perspective regarding differing worldviews and perspectives on HOW to achieve what's [truly] important:

  • Recognize- differing values / same principles
  • Identify YOUR Generational Mindset
  • Silos to Synergy- Transform Culture

FEEL Different:

Understand yourself and others. Recognize that "WHY we do WHAT we do the WAY we do it" provides your pathway to openness, consensus, and positive collaboration 

  • Understand Perceptions and Reality
  • Identify and Positively Leverage Generational Mindsets
  • The "Great Divide"- Recognize 'Entitlement' is cultural (not generational) 

DO Different:

Specific HOW-TO strategies, tactics, and tools for achieving One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation

  • HOW to overcome generational 'sticking points' and [potentially] conflicting priorities and agendas
  • Your "3 Hats" of LEADERSHIP for achieving SUSTAINABLE INFLUENCE

Interact / Ask Questions / Get Answers 

In this fast-paced interactive workshop, you'll gain tremendous insight about yourself and others- about different generations...different worldviews, mindsets, and perceptions.

THEN- we go [way] beyond simple awareness and understanding. 

You'll understand HOW to leverage generational differences into powerful strategic, operational, and competitive advantage.

You'll leave this experience energized with exceptional HOW-TO tactics and tools you can put to immediate use.  

You will confidently know WHAT TO DO to grow a Reliable, Efficient, Productive, and Safe Culture...functioning as One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation.  

-Your Next Opportunity-

*Monday, March 22-23, 2019

*Sunday March 22 is PPI Night at the Movies

in Raleigh, North Carolina

(Offered as Day 1 of the PPI Human Performance Leadership (HPI) Summit)

For Schedule and Venue Details CLICK HERE

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Course Tuition- *$695 (*Group discount available for 3 or more.)

Here's What You Receive:

  • Full-day Interactive Workshop conducted by PPI Master Facilitators, including perspectives from 3 generations
  • Bridging Generational Gaps Interactive WorkBook 
  • Your Pathway to Next-Gen Performance  
  • Lunch is provided
  • Reduced [block] room rate at the Embassy Suites Crabtree (Raleigh, NC USA)
  • *(6) Profesional Development Hours (PDHs) awarded by the Human Performance Association (HPA) (*when requested)

**Early Registration BONUSES**

When you register by January 31, 2020, you will receive...

Perspective from (3) Generations!

Your Primary Facilitator...

Stacey Hefner [X]

PPI VP- Energy Services

With input and perspective from...

Tim Autrey [B]

Founder/CEO- PPI

Executive Director- HPA

Author: 6-Hour Safety Culture

Rebekah Bradford [M]

Director- Marketing & Branding

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